About Auto Wizards

Having now been in the mobile service business for many years, we’ve run the numbers on what your cost is to take your car, truck and RV to a shop for services.

The rates of brick and mortar shops in the business are comparable with with our rates, within $10.

Then, of course, there’s the call-out/service fee. If you value your time at $30/hr, (we think this is at the minimum value) you’ll have $60-90 in cost for time. Consider the time with family, on adventures, working at something you’re passionate about or simply relaxing. These are, to our minds, the precious things and are worth significantly more than $30/hr. Not to mention the fuel consumption cost for the drive to the shop.

When you weigh those costs against our call-out, it’s free or nearly so. So whether you have no mechanical ability or you’re an old pro, and unless you love turning wrenches, we are a cost-effective solution for this loss of time.

Our service standards are unrivaled and attention to detail is our trademark. And we strive to keep our wait times to a week or less. We also save some space for emergency calls.

So, if the cost is the same and on-site services, our service is as good or better, and we have the convenience advantage, why not give on-site services a try?

Friendly. Honest. Professional.
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